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Design by Nani Marquina

Antique stamping techniques used to create patterns overlap; an eroded image appears between the knots.

The Antique collection presents two aspects that are hard to ignore: a truly vintage style and the innovative handcraft technique created especially for this rug. Inspired by antique textiles, the neutral colours and floral pattern add warmth to any space.

The weaving technique used in this collection, the hand-knotted sumak, is the result of countless hours of work and imagination by the Indian weavers. Knot by knot, a thin braid creates the distressed look, while producing high-quality results.

Nani Marquina

Nani Marquina

True to her design roots, Nani Marquina launched her namesake brand in 1987, a time in which contemporary rugs were non-existent in Spain.

After studying industrial design at the Escuela Massana of Barcelona and enjoying the success of her first bespoke textile designs, Nani launched nanimarquina, a brand dedicated to the design, creation, and distribution of rugs and textile products for the home, based on values such as observation, innovation, and enthusiasm, with the goal to use traditional craftsmanship and…



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