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Infused with conceptual graphic iconography, the Extended rug is characteristic of Martí Guixé’s designs.

Tradition and modernity, classicism and contemporaneity are cut and pasted to create a rational whole, fusing together without blending. This is the revision and decomposition of the traditional Persian rug.

Each rectangle represents the amount of colour that would usually be located within the frame of a Persian rug. Guixé’s love of contrast extends the traditional to unexpected limits.
Martí Guixé

Martí Guixé

Trained in Barcelona and Milan as an interior and industrial designer, his non-conventional vision produces ideas that evoke a brilliant simplicity and a curious gravity.

While living in Berlin in the early ‘90s, Guixé formulated a new way to understand the culture of products. The designer starts to exhibit his work in 1997, pieces that symbolize the search for new product systems, the introduction of design in the field of gastronomy, and the concept of presentation through performance.

Working worldwide, Guixé…