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Traditionally used as tools to convey cultural messages, rugs are also an artistic and practical manner of expression. This collection acts as a platform for communication, embodying a clear message for our times.

The Mexican collective NEL discovered the possibility of creating a non-conventional project to spread a direct message, an invitation to reflect on the world and its current state of emergency.

The name says it all: Global Warming, represented by the solitude of one small polar bear in three dimensions, unprotected and adrift on a block of ice, in the middle of an immense sea. It is an offering of hope, the hope for a better future.
NEL colectivo

NEL colectivo

NEL is an experimentation platform consisting of Mexican designers. Founded in 2004, the group focuses on creating and exhibiting conceptual and experimental design. The organic nature of the group allows various collaborative efforts and teams to be created, producing a variety of projects that range from political commentaries to discussing aesthetics and imaginary…