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Handcrafted, serene, natural. The secret lies in the overlapping spirals of coiled wool, each sewn by hand.

Wool is the obvious protagonist, each overlapping spiral curls up around the boiled felt wool without twisting, making it more compact. Once each spiral is completed, they are then sewn one by one onto a cloth base with visible stitching.

This handcrafted process results in unique pieces, available in two shades: brown or ecru. A return to basics evidenced in each spiral.
Gerard Moliné

Gerard Moliné

An Industrial Design graduate from the ELISAVA School of Design in Barcelona, Moliné is co-founder of estudio azuamoliné together with Martín Ruiz de Azúa. He currently works as a designer from his own studio, Estudi Moliné.

Collaborating with a wide variety of brands and institutions, his experimental design work featuring nature has appeared in several exhibitions and publications.

Among other awards, he has received the 2002 ADI-FAD medal, the Expohogar Regalo 2005 Award, a Top Nominated INDEX 2005, Expohogar Regalo 2006,…