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Palacio de Congresos Kursaal de Donostia

San Sebastián, Spain

The opportunity to work with Michael Lin arose as the result of a project for the international DFOTO festival. The comission came through Enrique Ordonez, president of the Ordóñez-Falcón Foundation of Photography (COFF), who asked us to manufacture a rug of this artist for the entrance of the Palacio de Congresos Kursaal in San Sebastian.
The nanimarquina’s design team reinterpreted the sketches that Michael Lin gave us and translated the pantone colours provided by the artist into wool.

The result was a unique 6m x 8m rug in 100% New Zealand wool, which was subsequently adapted to standard measures to be part of the nanimarquina catalogue, under the name of Formosa collection.



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