#3 Creativity with Jaime Hayon

Available the video recording of the live conversation with Jaime Hayon, Nani Marquina and Maria Piera Marquina. They talked about their creative process, from how they find inspiration to how their creativity has change with the current situation.

Through the intuitive weaving of a craftsman's work, we discover surprising results, as is the same of good conversation.

During the third edition of the Woven Talks series we shared a fun conversation with Jaime Hayon who together with Nani Marquina and Maria Piera Marquina.

Attendees from all over the world were able to discover a behind the scenes look from the designer, the company perspective and how their creative proccesses have evolved during these times in which we are now living.

An interesting conversation sponsored by Be Original and moderated by John Edelman.

With Edelman, Nani, Maria and Jaime discussed about how they find inspiration, their creative processes and how they have built it a strong creative relation bringing to the market some of the brands bestsellers: Hayonxnani and Silhouette