Benefits of rugs

Our aim is to produce innovative and original proposals to generate spaces more comfortable, more honest and healthier.

The colors, textures and shapes of our rugs seek to improve people's well-being.

We are interested in how design affects our behavior, from the physical and emotional perspectives. We embark on the design process from observation, intuition and discovery, responding to the needs of every moment. We bring on board designers and artists with fresh perspectives and designs, as well as crafts to explore new techniques and materials.

nanimarquina rugs play an important role in the soul of a space, find out what are their main benefits:

THEY PROVIDE COMFORT AND WELLBEING: we create rugs that connect us with nature by means of natural and plant fibers, whose shapes and colors generate comfort and wellbeing.

THEY REDUCE THE ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT: or rugs are officially Climate Neutral certified, which means that, after developing a measurement, reduction and compensation program, we choose a zero carbon footprint.

NATURAL THERMAL INSULATION: Thanks to the amount of air retained in ther interstices of its fibers, rugs provide natural termal insulation and help save energy.

SOUND PROOFING: rugs are a great sound proofer because they absorb sound and reduce noise levels.

THEY HELP TO IMPROVE YOUR BREATHING: rugs act as a natural filter, trapping dust particles and minimizing the risk of allergies.

THEY ABSORB STATIC ELECTRICITY: rugs made of natural fibers regulate a room’s humidity by reducing static electricity.

THEY HELP IMPROVE SAFETY: : rugs create non-slip surfaces, are nice to walk on, in fact, they reduce stress on the joints and provide a cushioning effect. Wool rugs are naturally antibacterial surfaces. We also offer anti-bacterial and anti-viral treatments (including against Covid-19).

THEY ARE RELAXING ON THE EYE: a rug’s colors and textures are relaxing on the eye after hours of screen time.