Creating healthy spaces

Our aim is to produce innovative and original proposals to generate new spaces more comfortable, more honest and healthier.

We ensure that our rugs meet the necessary standards to guarantee the best indoor air quality.

Our aim is to produce innovative and original proposals to generate new spaces; more comfortable, more honest and healthy places that allow us to connect with ourselves. Craftsmanship and design provide endless options to help you find the best one for your space.

In terms of creating healthy spaces, rugs play a key role. Some of their main benefits are:

THEY PROVIDE COMFORT AND WELLBEING: we create rugs that connect us with nature by means of natural and plant fibers, and whose shapes and colors generate comfort and wellbeing.

NATURAL THERMAL INSULATION: Thanks to the properties of the fibers, rugs provide natural termal insulation and help save energy.

THEY IMPROVE AIR QUALITY: rugs act as a natural filter, trapping dust particles and minimizing the risk of allergies.

SOUND PROOFING: rugs are a great sound proofer because they absorb sound and reduce noise levels.

THEY ABSORB STATIC ELECTRICITY: rugs made of natural fibers regulate a room’s humidity by reducing static electricity.

THEY IMPROVE PEOPLE’S HEALTH: rugs créate non-slip surfaces, are nice to walk on, reduce stress on the joints and provide a cushioning effect. Wool rugs are naturally antibacterial surfaces. We also offer anti-bacterial and anti-viral treatments (including against Covid-19).

FIRE RESISTANT: all nanimarquina rugs comply with current fire resistance regulations for public use.

THEY ARE RELAXING ON THE EYE: a rug’s colors and textures are relaxing on the eye after hours of screen time.