Sustainable practices: Eco sheen cleaning

A conversation with Chairmaine Sharma, inventor of Eco sheen the solution that we use to reduce 70% of water waste during cleaning process.

In 2013, we incorporated Eco-sheen & Jutex, biodegradable and chemical-free cleaning products, into our processes. We speak with her inventor to know all the details.

With Eco-sheen and Jutex products we reduce 70% of water waste during the cleaning process.

We have been collaborating with Chairmaine Sharma since 2003, a compromised entrepreneur that has recently been awarded with Global Start up Award 2021 for Sustainable tenchnologies. We have had a conversation with her about EcoSheen products and her view on sustainable practises in the rug sector.

Why did you feel the need to focus on the cleaning part of rug making process?
I started and ran a Biotechnology Company for 20 years, and in the course of that work I was exposed to research being done on sustainable technologies as well as the severe damage caused to natural resources, especially water. The reason for developing ECOSHEEN was to provide a sustainable alternative to both workers and environment. Traditionally the rug cleaning process uses harsh chemicals which are harmful to the workers ( who stand on the carpets and scrub them, during washing) and to the environment because the effluent is left to flow into the ground.
So we develope an enzyme formulation that avoids these two main problems. We did it with the help of research scientists and the Department of Science and Technology in India done at the famous and very old BHU (Benaras Hindu University)

Can you explain the benefits of EcoSheen and Plantex solutions for the enviroment and the people?
- No pollution to ground water
- Safe for workers who stand and scrub the carpet with enzyme solution.
- Less usage of water because it is only 1 wash, as compared to 4 or 5 chemical washes traditionally used leading to a huge saving of water.
- No anti-fungal treatment required since the rugs are not prone to moth infestation.

What about the benefit on rugs?
- Colors of the washed rugs are more vibrant.
- Softness and sheen are enhanced
- Moth infestation is absent
- Wear an tear are reduced since fibers are not harsh by chemicals

Congrats on the Global Startup Award 2021, how do this awards help you visibilising your mission?
Thank you, it is always satisfying when one’s efforts are recognized. Currently the debate and discussions on achievement of Sustainable Development Goals are taking place everywhere, and that is why the attention to work in this field is both relevant and rewarding.

Entrepreneurship is not an easy journey as Nani Marquina will also agree, so it is very satisfying to get recognition.

In your opinion, how does the rug sector face the challenges for a more sustainable future?
In the Carpet Industry there has been a lot of effort from the Government Organizations in India in making it mandatory to set up effluent treatment for Yarn Dyeing Plants. Although products like Ecosheen are still being used only when the carpet buyer insists as Nani Marquina does!