We invite you to a very special Open House during 3 days of design.

From September 16th to 18th we will like to welcome you to our temporary home. A beautiful apartment at the center of Copenhague together with Openhouse magazine and furniture brand Mor Design.

A quiet and relaxed place open all day where we you will get the chance to enjoy good design and a good reading.

Agenda: Talks around the table

11.30am Natalie Hooper from nanimarquian
4pm Keiji Takeuchi from MOR

2.30pm Hugo Passos & Julien Renault from MOR
4pm Jakob Jorgensen and Line Depping from MOR

11.30h Mari luz Vidal from Openhouse
4pm Daniel Shofield from MOR

Please rspv if you like to attend.

In collaboration with Openhouse magazine and portuguese furniture brand Mor Design we will take on the interiors of a beautiful apartment in the center of Copenhaguen during 3 days of design fair.

We'd like to welcome you to our temporary home and discover, not only our latest rug designs and bestsellers, but also an style of live driven by comfort and wellbeing. 

Sølvgade 20, 1 Tv, 1307 København, Denmark

From Sept 16th to 18th
From 9am to 6pm

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