Woven talks

This is a series of 4 online conversations where we will talk with a selection of our top designers. Join the talks with Ilse Crawford, Jaime Hayon, Ronan Bouroullec and Santi Moix.

Through the intuitive weaving of a craftsman's work, we discover surprising results, as is the same of good conversation.

The idea behind this series of 4 online conversations with Nani Marquina and Maria Piera Marquina, is to explore some of the central topics in the design world and culture, and how products come to life and by the hand of some of the amazing designers that nanimarquina has collaborated with during the years such as: Ilse Crawford, Jaime Hayon, Ronan Bouroullec y Santi Moix.

#1 Wellbeing

We start with London based designer Ilse Crawford talking about the concept of Wellbeing, the evolution of this concept and the importance of comfort in our daily life.

The collaboration with Ilse began in 2017 with the desire to design pieces that are respectful with the environment and that provide comfort at home. Finally, Wellbeing collection was born, a series of pieces that include natural, sustainable and local fibers, spun by hand, without bleach and without dyes that bring warmth and softness to interior environments.

We will share the path to achieve a conscious, human-centered, sensory and beautiful design.

Date: November 17th
Hour: 5pm CET / 11am EST
Moderator: Max Fraser, Design Writer & Consultant.

#2 Design process

The second will be Ronan Bouroullec who will be discussing the whole process when developing a product, with moderator, Sam Grawe.

With the Bouroullec brothers we have launched some of our bestseller collections such as Losanges, Blur and Lattice. We want you to discover the behind scene from the designer and the company perspective, and how these processes have changed today with virtual work.

Date: December 15th
Hour: 5 pm CET / 11 am EST
Moderator: Sam Grawe, Design Editor & Brand consultant.


#3 Being contemporary

With our third guest, artist Santi Moix, we will explore what it means to be contemporary both in art and in design. Why it is so important to understand this concept and what is the key to do it the right way.

This year we launched Flora a new collaboration with Moix that explores the beauty of flowers from born to withering.

Moderator Aric Chen will help us to discuss the intersection of art and design.

Date: TBC January
Hour: 5 pm CET / 11 am EST
Moderator: Aric Chen, professor and director Curatorial Lab.

#4 Creativity

Who’s better to talk about Creativity than our final guest Jaime Hayon, with whom nanimarquina has developed two great collections, Hayon x nani and recently Silhouette.

Moderator John Edelman, Ambassador, Be Original Americas will lead Jaime and Nani to discuss how both get inspiration, how to work together, and how the current situation has changed their creative processes.

Date: TBC February
Hour: 5 pm CET / 11 am EST
Moderator: John Edelman, Ambassador, Be Original Americas.