A slim, hand-woven Kilim, Blend rug applies the basic rules of colour theory, with three available models in which hue, luminosity, and saturation vary.

Blend plays with the visual perception of colours. Solid surfaces interact with surfaces that are constructed from lines. These duo toned lines merge into the viewer’s eye to create new colours. Due to this graphic system a multitude of subtle shades are rendered departing from 5 different yarns.

A slim, hand-woven Kilim, this original rug from Pakistan will delight those passionate about colour. Raw Color accompanies nanimarquina discovering current and contemporary colour territories.

Raw Color

Their work reflects a sophisticated treatment of material by mixing the fields of photography and graphic design. This is embodied through research and experiments building a visual language. In their Eindhoven based studio they are working on self-initiated and commissioned projects. They graduated at the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2007 and set up the studio in 2008.

Driven by curiosity they are questioning the meaning of the subject they are working on. Within these aspects the materialization of colour plays a key role, and can be seen as the core of the studio. Their projects are mainly commissioned by the cultural and design related field.

Alongside their projects Raw Color is teaching at the Design Academy Eindhoven since 2011. They also have been regularly invited for several lectures and workshops.

By experimenting and trusting on their intuition Raw Color has created a design language that is verbally direct, energetic and recognizable, stretching the borders and definition of design.

Why do I need a rug?

Did you know that, together with ceramics, rugs are one of the few elements that have accompanied human beings since prehistoric times, preserving ancient techniques?