Flying carpet wedge

A domestic oasis. Life at floor level connects you with your inner child.

More than just a simple rug, the Flying Carpet offers a relaxing and soft topography to dream. A comfortable three-dimensional space to sit and stretch out, perfect for homes and public areas.

Any of the four corners can be raised with the grey felt wedges, creating interesting slopes to make you comfortable.

Ana Mir + Emili Padrós

Ana Mir (Valencia, 1969) and Emili Padrós (Barcelona, 1969) earned their Master’s Degrees in Industrial Design from the Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design in London. The duo experiment with different materials, objects and spaces, actively involving users without forgetting the functional, technical, and production aspects of their creations.

Many of their designs, ideas and concepts have been featured in international exhibitions, with certain pieces now part of permanent museum collections around the world.

The Emiliana Design Studio works with brands such as Samsung Electronics Ltd, Toyota Motors, Richter Spielgeräte, Eno Editions, Kettal, Joquer, nanimarquina, Escofet, Women’Secret, Arbora & Ausonia, Comme des Garçons, Uno Design, Enric Rovira Xocolates, Marset, Dune New York, and the French companies Domestic and Moustache, among many others. They have also designed exhibitions for museums and cultural centres such as the CCCB (Centro de Cultura Contemporánea de Barcelona); the Toyota Museum of Contemporary Art in Japan; the Museum für Angewandte Kunst in Frankfurt; the Salvador Dalí Museum in Florida, and the Centre Cultural Caixa Catalunya – La Pedrera.

Why do I need a rug?

Did you know that, together with ceramics, rugs are one of the few elements that have accompanied human beings since prehistoric times, preserving ancient techniques?