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"I prefer drawing to talking. Drawing is faster, and leaves less room for lies"

Le Corbusier

7 Benefits of rugs

7 Benefits of rugs

1 It defines a room, creating different environments while adding warmth and comfort.
2 It provides natural insulation due to the composition of the fibres, therefore saving energy.
3 It enhances sound absorption and reduces noise levels, acting as an acoustic insulator.
4 It offers a safe, non-slip surface.
5 It decreases stress on joints, providing a cushioning effect and excellent orthopaedic properties.
6 Superb dust-trapping properties.
7 A rug is a creative and decorative element, a unique design solution for coordinating and decorating.

6 reasons to choose nanimarquina

6 reasons to choose nanimarquina

1 28 years’ experience designing rugs.
2 Internal design team working side-by-side on each assignment.
3 Expertise regarding quality fibres and artisanal techniques.
4 Long-term relationship with suppliers.
5 Always fulfil deadlines.
6 Social responsibility.

Contract treatments

Contract treatments

In order to extend the lifecycle of our products, we offer a series of nano-technological treatments that improve the properties of the rugs to address common problems in the contract field.


Available treatments


Stain-resistant: repels water- and oil-based stains.

Damp-resistant: repels the penetration of liquids into the fibers.

Fire-resistant: reduces flammability and delays propagation.

Anti-bacterial: creates more hygienic and healthy environments.

Anti-UV rays: prevents fading due to light.

Anti-fungi: inhibits the formation of fungi and molds.

Customize our catalogue rugs

Customize our catalogue rugs

More than 100 models which can be customized by color, technique, shape or form.

Bespoke rugs

Bespoke rugs

You can combine infinite colors, add your logo, propose your own design, drawings and prints….

Let's get started!



Presentation of ideas, samples, colours, sketches, etc.

Presentation of proposals and budgets

Presentation of proposals and budgets.

Specific design, creation, cost information and deadline agreement.

Creation of sample if necessary.

Order confirmation.



Update on order status.

Delivery on time

Delivery on time.

Enjoy your rug!

Enjoy your rug!