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Reuse, reduce, recycle. The flexible tubes of bicycles tires from India intertwine to create textures.

A conceptual rug, sustainable, and unprecedented, made from 100% recycled material, ideal for indoors and outdoors. Each piece is created with 130 to 140 bicycle tubes collected and manipulated in India. In addition to raising awareness of recycled products, Bicicleta also represents a transgressive aesthetic for the most avant-garde spaces.

Curiosity and research regarding recycled rubber to create new textures was the driving force behind this project. The solution appeared during a trip to India: inner tubes from bicycle tires, their most common mode of transportation.

Technical details

  • Hand wash
  • Available in special dimensions
  • Care and cleaning Bicicleta
  • Product sheet
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Making of

Ariadna Miquel

Ariadna Miquel

An Industrial Design graduate from Elisava School of Design in Barcelona, Miquel’s passion for textiles and her curiosity about production techniques allow her to create innovative textures, while experimenting with colour application.

Receiving the highest accolades for her final year project, Miquel was awarded the prestigious ADI-FAD award in 2002. She would then participate in various projects for brands such as Alcatel and Bormioli Rocco, enjoying the opportunity to include her work in the Reflexus exhibition, with Ingo Maurer, at…

Nani Marquina

Nani Marquina

True to her design roots, Nani Marquina launched her namesake brand in 1987, a time in which contemporary rugs were non-existent in Spain.

After studying industrial design at the Escuela Massana of Barcelona and enjoying the success of her first bespoke textile designs, Nani launched nanimarquina, a brand dedicated to the design, creation, and distribution of rugs and textile products for the home, based on values such as observation, innovation, and enthusiasm, with the goal to use traditional craftsmanship and…