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Stones made of wool; a better option than sticks and stones that hurt one’s bones. These wool stones create a path through the rooms of contemporary homes, the perfect way to bring nature inside.

The rugs in the “Stone-wool” collection create a riverbed of smooth pebbles that adapt to long corridors. The irregular contours and colours offer myriad combinations for interiors, acting as stepping-stones for an imaginary stream.

The earth tones adapt to different decorative styles, fleeing from trends, gently reminding you of the basic elements in the world.
Diego Fortunato

Diego Fortunato

His objects, which have been doing the rounds for over a decade, are surprisingly simple and utterly uncomplicated. A feral creature, whose magical lineage goes back to the secret union of Snow White and The Dragon. After his industrial design degree was auctioned off for 7€, he lived happily ever…