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Michael Lin

Michael Lin

He graduated from the Fine Art Department of The Design Center in Pasadena, California. Since 1999 he has exhibited extensively in Europe and he also has been invited to make public commissions worldwide.

A graduate of the Art Centre of Design in Pasadena, California, Lin has exhibited extensively in Europe since 1999, and has been commissioned to create art for public spaces worldwide.

Returning to Taiwan in 1993, he developed what would go on to define the core of his artistic concerns, a reflection on Asian tradition, ornamentation and architecture, and the practice of art and life.

Michael Lin’s public works can be seen at the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary art, Kanazawa, Japan; the Kunstlinie Theater/Art Center, Almere, The Netherlands; the Rogaland School of Art, Stavanger, Norway; L’ecole des Cigales, Beausoleil, France; and recently inaugurated in June 2008, a mural at the Pierre De Geyterstraat, for the City of Gent, Belgium.