Sustainable initiatives: Eco sheen cleaning

A conversation with Chairmaine Sharma, creator of Eco sheen, the solution we use to reduce water consumption during the cleaning process by 70%.

Since 2013 we have incorporated into our Eco-sheen & Jutex processes, biodegradable and chemical-free cleaning products. Today we speak with its inventor to know all the details.

With Eco-sheen and Jutex we reduce water consumption by 70% during the cleaning process.

Nanimarquina's collaboration with Chairmaine Sharma dates back to 2003, an entrepreneur committed to sustainability who has recently been awarded the Global Start-up Award 2021 for the development of Sustainable Technologies.
We spoke to her about EcoSheen products and her views on sustainable practices in the carpet industry.

Why did you feel the need to focus on the carpet cleaning part of the process?
I started and ran a Biotech company for 20 years, and in the course of that job I was exposed to the research being done on sustainable technologies, as well as the serious damage done to natural resources, especially water.

The reason for developing ECOSHEEN was to provide a sustainable alternative for both workers and the environment.

Traditionally, the carpet cleaning process uses harsh chemicals that are harmful to workers and the environment because the water ends up on the ground.
So we developed an enzyme formulation that avoids these two main points. And we did it with the help of research scientists and the Department of Science and Technology in India at BHU (Benaras Hindu University).

Can you explain the benefits of EcoSheen and Plantex solutions for the environment and people?
- No contamination of groundwater
- It is safe for workers
- Less use of water because it consists of only 1 wash, compared to 4 or 5 chemical washes traditionally used, which represents a great saving of water.
- An anti-funghi treatment is not required because the rugs will not be prone to moth infestation.

And the benefits on the carpets?
- The colors of washed rugs are more vibrant.
- Improved smoothness and shine
- Absence of infestation by moths
- Wear is reduced as the fibers do not harden due to the use of chemicals

Congratulations on the Global Startup Award 2021, how do these awards help you make your mission visible?
Thank you, recognition of effort is always satisfactory. Today, debate and discussions about achieving the Sustainable Development Goals are taking place everywhere, which is why attention to work in this field is relevant and rewarding.

Entrepreneurship is not an easy journey, Nani Marquina will agree, which is why I am very satisfied with this recognition.

In your opinion, how does the carpet industry face the challenges of a more sustainable future?
In the Carpet Industry, there has been a great effort by the Indian Governmental Organizations to make it mandatory to establish treatments for leftover dyeing residues, and this is a good initiative. Although products like Ecosheen are still used only when the carpet buyer insists, as Nani Marquina does!