The Art of Living Together

Eye-catching tapestries that translate the natural phenomenon of symbiosis into unique textile pieces

Date: 2022

Made by: Tjitske Storm

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Category: Tapestry, Bespoke

Tjitske Storm launched her signature collection ‘The Art of Living Together’ during Dutch Design Week 2022. Four colourful tufted and woven tapestries and a MINI rooftop design are - conceptually and visually - translating the natural phenomenon of symbiosis. The tapestries were presented at the group exhibitions of Kazerne Home of Design and Isola Design Gallery.

Tjitske found the inspiration for her concept on symbiosis when traveling in Angola and South-Africa and she translated examples of symbiotic relationships into four textile tapestries and one MINI rooftop design. The interaction between different species is emphasized through the correlation of the geometric and the organic, the abstract and the detailed, the digital and the tactile, the East and the West, the North and the South, and the old and the new. Dissimilar worlds that smoothly collide, interact and enforce each other.


nanimarquina collaborated during the production of the designs ‘Zebra & Ostrich’, ‘Chameleon & Lichen’ and ‘Sunbirds & Tropical Flowers 1.0’. They were transformed into 3D reliefs and textile structures by the use of ancestral tufting techniques. 

The tapestries are handmade with New Zealand wool of the highest quality, to create the durable and soft results, and the yarns were coloured with natural chemical-free ingredients.

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