Nani Marquina + Ariadna Miquel

Rugs inspired by traditional Japanese straw tatami mats.

The essence of traditional Japanese straw tatami mats are the inspiration for these dhurries made from 50% New Zealand wool and 50% jute. The structure and shine of jute mixed with the softness of wool create a fascinating combination.

Five models woven by hand in India with surprising colours: natural, black, indigo, purple and yellow.

Designed by

Ariadna Miquel

After collaborating in the studios of Martín Azúa and Emiliana Design Studio, since 2003 she has been part of the internal team at nanimarquina where she develops the brand's collections and those of external collaborators.

Portrait of Nani Marquina

Nani Marquina

In 1987, she created nanimarquina as a brand dedicated to the design, publishing and distribution of rugs and textile items. In recent years, she has returned to its roots: focusing on the creative side of the brand.