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Milton Glaser Rug

Milton Glaser

170x240 cm
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This relief rug, designed by the renowned American illustrator and designer Milton Glaser, is composed of a network of lines, shapes and shadows.

A uniquely beautiful piece hand-tufted with 100% New Zealand wool.

Available in three serious shades in grey.

  • Total height

    18 mm

  • Density

    56.000 tufts/m2


100% New Zealand Wool

Typically, New Zealand wool is known to be the whitest, cleanest, purest and most natural wool in the world. Its softness is due in part to the altitude and the vegetation available to the herds. It is guaranteed to be cruelty-free.



Manual process in which, thanks to a manually operated gun, curves and fluid lines can be made. High density and durability.

Cleaning and care


Vacuum frequently.

Clean stains with the appropriate solution before they dry.

Take the rug to specialized dry cleaners, if necessary.

cleaning and care


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Collection Milton Glaser

The result of an accidental encounter between Shakespeare, Africa and Nani Marquina, the Milton Glaser collection is based on his belief that all things are ultimately connected and the role of the artist is to discover the inevitable relationship between everything.

This search for answers is sometimes difficult and at other times, a piece of cake.

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Designed by

Milton Glaser

Illustrator and designer known for his designs for records and books, such as for the famous Bob Dylan album or the famous 'I ♥ NY' logo. He was the 1st designer to be awarded the National Medal of the Arts.

Size guide

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You have to take into account what other objects it will coexist with so that it is fully integrated and provides warmth and comfort to the space.

To help you, we have prepared a measurement guide to make it easier to achieve the desired finish.