Nomad Grey Rug

Ariadna Miquel , Nani Marquina

Nomad is a one-color, basic rug, handmade with Afghan wool; a simple-looking collection that reflects the laborious art of hand weaving. 

The peculiarity of this rug lies in its irregular, slightly worn finish, which is achieved through the use of traditional manual processes.

The grey Nomad works well in a variety of spaces.

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Due to the irregularity of the hand-spun Afghan wool yarn, during the dyeing process, the yarn can take on different shades of color.

Fiber: 100% Afgan wool

Type: Dhurrie

Total height: 4 mm

Technique: Hand loomed

Density: 156.000 tufts/m2


Heritage craft preservation

Local and vegetal fibers

Ensure sustainable practices

We support local communities

Indoor air quality proven


    Nomad Collection

    A basic single color that in its simplicity reflects the laborious manual art of weaving. The peculiarity of this collection is its irregular, slightly worn finish, which is achieved thanks to the use of traditional manual processes.

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