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Legal texts


Legal texts for the web NANIMARQUINA.COM


This document contains the legal informed texts, in an editable file for its management and implementation in Nani Marquina’s web.


Legal notice in the web page www.


The access to this web page involves the acquisition of the user’s condition and the acceptance of the conditions of utilization of this page, detailed in all its notes and legal policies as for data protection, intellectual property, safety measures and competent jurisdiction. The access, so, to this page is at the user’s own and risk, being a responsibility of this one the utilization of the suitable means to avoid these risks.


Web page

Ownership of the web page. The name of the domain is registered to the NANI MARQUINA S.L. (hereafter, Nanimarquina), with registered address in Barcelona, Calle Esglesia, 10, 08024, and CIF number B-58468521. E-mail of contact


This Site is optimized for the following Browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer 8 +.


Intellectual property of the web


All the rights of intellectual property, trade marks and names, designs and copyrights are reserved by them and are exclusive property of Nanimarquina.


Nanimarquina is the owner of the Web page. Nanimarquina owns or possesses the rights on all the wallpapers, icons, characters, graphical material, images, graphical designs, music, texts, videos, software and other contents of the Web page (the “Content”), and all the HTML codes, CGI and other codes and scripts in any format used to implement the Web page (the “Code”). The Content and the Code of the Web page are protected by the copyright. Except the established in the present Agreement, it cannot copy, modify, load, come out, transmit, return to publish, to visualize for distribution to third parties with commercial intentions, or to distribute for any procedure the Code or the Content of the Web page without previous authorization in writing of Nanimarquina. You may not use neither the Content nor the Code of the Web Page for any intention that is not the established in this Agreement.


All the names, logos and commercial brands that appear in the Web page belong to Nanimarquina. It will not be able to use them with intentions that could lead to confusion of the clients, or with any other intention without previous written consent of Nanimarquina.


The breach of these conditions of use by any user will constitute a breach of the contract and a violation of the intellectual property and trademarks of Nanimarquina and of other marks and rights of intellectual property. You can print on paper portions of the Web page only with not commercial intentions.


Likewise, all the distinctive signs, marks, trade names or signs of any class contained in this web page are protected by law


Content of the web

Nanimaquina does not take responsibility of the bad use that is realized of the contents of his web page, being an exclusive responsibility of the person who accedes to them or uses them.


The links to defamatory, pornographic, racist pages or any other one that offers false information or harms Nanimarquina or any of the other collaborators remain prohibited.


Nanimarquina checks and updates the information contained in this page but it does not guarantee that the information is accurate. Consequently, it does not take responsibility for the hurts caused on the basis of decisions thought by information taken of the contents published in this page.


Exchange or diffusion of information

Nanimaraquina declines any responsibility derived from the exchange of information between users across his web page. Specially the Company will be not responsible for the use by the minors, could do of her in case the contents to which they have access could hurt its sensibility.


Update and modification of the web page

Nanimarquina reserves the right to update, to modify or eliminate the information contained in his web page, and his configuration or presentation, at any time, without previous notice and without assuming any type of responsibility for doing it.


Indications on technical aspects

Nanimarquina does not assume any responsibility arising from technical problems or failures in the IT equipments, produced during the Internet connection, or that could be originated by third parties across illegitimate interferences out of his control.


From Nanimarquina there is no guaranteed the absence of virus and other elements that could cause hurts in the IT systems, the electronic documents or the user’s files of this web page or of web pages of third parties, and do not take responsibility for the damages to take place for these motives. Likewise, the company declines any responsibility for any damages that could affect the user as consequence of mistakes, faults or omissions in the information that it facilitates when it comes from third sources. In any case, Nanimarquina will put all his determination and proportional means to his scope to avoid any mistake, failure or risk that could take place.


Security in the network and Cookies

Nevertheless, users must be aware that, in the Internet environment, invulnerable security does not exist. In this way, you remain informed and warned across this notice that the means used in Internet are not infallible and therefore, Nanimarquina cannot become responsible of practices in which the user assumes the suitable level of safety nor the due diligence, not neither of his consequences. The user, so, must be conscious of that for definition, Internet is an opened and global tool. For all these reasons, so, the maximum diligence is recommended to the user in this matter and the utilization of all the safety mechanisms that has to his scope.


The access to this Nanimarquina’s web site can imply the utilization of cookies own or of third parties. You can reject or disable the use of the cookies across the options of your browser. If you continue browse, we think that you accept its use an terms.


To the effects of this Cookies policy, “to continue browse in this site” means to do click in any button, cabin of check or link of the web site; to unload any content of the same one or to do scroll.


To know the complete information of cookies as well as for his configuration, he it will be acceding to this link relative to the specific notice of cookies policy.


The cookies are small files of text that the server can save on the hard disk of an equipment to store temporarily some type of information about the user. The cookies used by the web site are used to allow the identification of registered users and it can neither read information of your hard disk, nor include virus in the texts.


Privacy and Data Protection.


Purpose. In NANI MARQUINA S.L. we treat the information that the interested persons facilitate to us in order to manage the sending of the information that they request us and to give them the services that are entrusted us, namely, the management, administration, presentation, extension and improvement of the services that the user decides to request and to which it can accede from this web.


In NANI MARQUINA S.L. we will not elaborate business profiles on the basis of the requested information, for what we inform you that automated decisions are not taken.


Preservation of data. The personal data provided shall be kept as long as it maintains the relationship between NANI MARQUINA S.L. and the interested parties.


Legitimation. The legal base for the treatment of his information is the management and response of the information requested by the interested party, as well as the provision of the services contracted and requested by the client or the interested party. The user or interested party has requested expressly the information and is the one who demonstrates his express consent when sending the information.


The information facilitated by NANI MARQUINA S.L. and the provision of his services to the interested parties and clients is based on the requested consent.


Recipients. The personal data of the users will be communicated only, previous information and acceptance for the service, as well as in case of being necessary to group companies and collaborators, to the manager of the treatment and to those entities with which the communication is necessary, in order to fulfil with the provision of the service mentioned above or to attend to the request of information.


The user must bear in mind that certain data transfers are necessary so that the requested service could be provided and to realize the entrusted provision.


We do not sell or release personal information to third parties, and we only allow third parties outside Iberia to send you marketing information where we have your permission to do so.


Origin. The personal information that we treat in NANI MARQUINA S.L. proceeds from your requests and / or of the forms facilitated by the interested parties.


The categories of data that treat each other are:

– Data of identification

– Postal or electronic address

– Additional data facilitated by the interested party

– Telephone number facilitated for notices

– Do not treat each other specially protected data


Data processing and Rights. According to the current legislation relating to the Protection of Personal Data, we inform you that your data will be incorporated into a data file under the responsibility of NANI MARQUINA S.L. with registered address in Barcelona, Calle Esglesia, 10, 08024, and CIF number B-58468521, into the purpose of being able to attend, manage and giving follow-up to your consultations and requests.


In compliance with the in force regulation, NANI MARQUINA S.L. informs that the information will be preserved during the term LEGALLY ESTABLISHED.


NANI MARQUINA S.L. puts in knowledge of the clients and users that the current legislation relating to the protection of personal data is fulfilled, since it is considered that the privacy of the users and the secret and safety of the personal information that could be facilitated by means of this service, necessarily needs the adoption of technical and organizational necessary measures to avoid the loss, evil I use, alteration, not authorized accesses and theft of the personal facilitated information, in his case, bearing in mind the condition of the technology, nature of the information and risks to which they are exposed.


NANI MARQUINA S.L. informs that it will proceed to treat your data in a lawful, loyal, transparent, suitable, pertinent, limited, exact and updated way. It is for it, that NANI MARQUINA S.L. compromises himself to the confidential treatment and to adopt all the reasonable measures in order that these are suppressed or rectify without delay when inaccurate.


According to the rights recognized in the regulation of the Personal data protection you will be able to exercise the rights of access, rectification, limitation of treatment, suppression, portability and opposition, directing his request to the postal adress indicated above or by e-mail to So it is necessary that the user of the web page reads held up this notice and other legal notes that appear in the web page.


Also, we shall inform you that, in case of being obligatory, you can contact the Data Protection Officer of NANI MARQUINA S.L., by writing to the mail address indicating DPO in the matter.


You can always contact the Authority of competent Control to present the claim that you consider to be appropriate.


NANI MARQUINA S.L. will not provide or communicate to third parties the information obtained without previous express consent of the interested party, except in the case that the provision should be necessary to give him the service that the addressee has requested us, and in those cases legally foreseen.


NANI MARQUINA S.L. saves himself the right to modify the present notice to adapt it to the legislative or juriprudential innovations as well as modifications or practices of the sector of action. In these cases it will be informed in the present web page in advance prudential about the changes that are going to take place in the protection politics of information and of when full effects will begin to go out. In terms of the own RGPD, there is understood by information of personal character any information corresponding to identified or identifiable natural persons.


Products Nanimarquina and conditions of sale

The available products in the Web page are to the sale in our own Showrooms in NY and Barcelona and also in accredited distributors as official Nanimarquina distributors. We invite you to visit your nearest Official Distributor in the paragraph Where To buy.


Nanimarquina saves himself the right to modify at all time the characteristics of the models who appear in the Web page. Nanimarquina has strained for showing of faithful form and needs the forms and the colors of his products in the Web page. Nevertheless, the colors, the texture and other visual information depend especially on his screen and by it they can be perceived of different form.



The price offers to title orientativo. We distinguish several rates depending on the geographical location. The rates in the zone Europe (countries belonging to the CEE) and Andorra include VAT *. In case of rates for The United States and Canada the prices are not expressed considering the VAT.


The prices include neither postage and handling nor duties nor particular conditions offered by every distributor in destination.


* The post of VAT is the result of an average calculation of the tax in the different territories.


Card of the products

The photographies that show the products are facilitated to indicative title. The differences between the photographies and the products only can be minims and do not concern the essential characteristics of the products. The color of the products showed in the Web page can differ from the royal color of the product.



All our products they have 2 years of guarantee. All our products are designed and make by the major possible care. Nevertheless, the guarantee will not be valid if failures or hurts take place due to an incorrect managing, a lack of maintenance or of care opposite to our instructions of use. The buyer will have to consult the instructions and the suitable recommendations that they find in the instructions for use facilitated with the product.


Our department of attention to the client has a service of after-sales to solve any problem that has with our articles, across which there offers a rapid and effective attention to our consumers.


Legislation and applicable jurisdiction

With general character, the relations with the users and interested parties, derivatives of the provision of services contained in this web page, are submitted to the legislation and Spanish jurisdiction. The users of this web page are conscious of everything what has been exposed and accept it voluntarily.


Legal notice updated in date September 12, 2018