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Chillida France Tour 2012

Probably, most of our blog followers have read “Chillida France Tour 2012” and have thought: …well, 2012, that’s just too old, it’s the past. Most probably, those who had not realized it before are just thinking so right now… And even more probably, you keep on reading nevertheless, because the title, setting aside the date (which is just a simple bunch of numbers, to tell you the truth) is enticing: Chillida France Tour.

Well then, in the last months of 2012, between the hot summer sun and the chocolates and Christmas dinners, the Chillida collection by nanimarquina toured France: Barcelona – Paris, Paris – Toulouse, Toulouse – Lille.

The tour began in September in Paris, at MyDesign store. On 6th September, just when the Paris Design Week was on, we presented the whole Chillida collection, consisting of 7 rugs,  surrounded bynanimarquina’s fans and others who were about to discover the brand just then. The event was really beautiful: great city, great shop, great people… and was presented by Nani herself. Paris, a city where Chillida lived during the 40’s and where his work actually began to materialize, welcomed us once again with open arms.

Further south, the morning of the 11th October, Toulouse was chosen as the next stop. The city was celebrating at the time the popular feast of Vendanges, where all the shops of the city centre go out to the streets. Nanimarquina did not go out, but into one of the best design shops of the city, 2B Design. Once again, the French were astonished by those paintings turned into rugs, with the Chillida hallmark on a carpet.

And from the south, on 15th November, when the cold weather had come to stay, we moved to Lille, on the Northeastern end of the country. Our trip around France ended at the Emotions store, presenting there once again the 7 rugs of one of the most special collections edited ever by nanimarquina. Chillida, la France vous adore.