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Martí Guixé explores Drip Painting

The Drip Painting is an abstract artform  in which paint is poured onto a canvas.

The idea of painting a rug is not new for Martí Guixé. He’s been thinking about it during some years ago, since when he knew that in some parts of Eastern Europe is a tradition: to paint tapestries once woven.

The the project “Still life with light”, at Sotheby’s Vienna, Martí Guixé and nanimarquina saw the opportunity to explore the possibilities of Drip Painting as graffiti and apply it on a carpet . So during the period of creation, a rug became a canvas. Aothe step of his project Canvas Furniture. Painted Rug is a sketch of a carpet, that is already a carpet itself.

nanimarquina get involved, once again, to create a new way to reinvent the rug.

You can watch the video with the whole process below.