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Let’s talk about creativity

12th, 12th of 2012. A special date like this deserved a ceremony as special as it was: 12 speakers, 12 minutes and 1212 people hanging on his words. From worlds as diverse as food, journalism, business, advertising, design and even the magical world of illusion, the speakers got invited to convey to the public the importance, more than ever, of being creative, daring, supportive and enterprising. We are in a constant accelerated evolution (I guess there is no need to refer to the topics about technological developments, globalization, etc.) in a world where reinventing the personal and business values is simply essential for growth. Indeed, in the Palau de Congressos de Barcelona, if something became clear through the personal and professional experiences that were shared, is that to conquer the future we must live with ours hearts and minds openned to new challenges, new opportunities and new ideas.

Nani Marquina spoke about the value of creativity and how we can promote it. Partiendo de que “todos somos creativos, pues se encuentra en nuestro interior”, debemos desnudarnos, ser solidarios, valientes y arriesgarnos a exteriorizarla; sólo así será reconocida y nos aportará confianza tanto en nosotros mismos como en nuestro entorno.