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Nani Marquina presents Chillida collection in Berlín

Berlin, November 29th.
If anything characterizes Berlin currently beyond its past, is by the creative explosion that flooded the city: there’s art everywhere. For this reason, in this modern, full of design city, Nani Marquina should be present.
Over a hundred people attended the presentation that Nani did about the Chillida Collection in the prestigious store MODUS, owned by Inez Franksen. Located in the modern and alternative Kurfürstendamm neighborhood, MODUS was opened in 1964 and has organized lots of events with designers like Jasper Morrison or Dieter Rams and many others.
It was the first time that Nani reported the complete collection of Chillida in Germany, it had to be more than a special presentation: an exceptional one. And it was.