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nanimarquina x Coalesse

With a shared interest in the natural world and the sustaining of craft traditions through modern materials and design, we present an exclusive collection of indoor and outdoor rugs with the Coalesse Design team, a brand from Steelcase.

Rugs are an essential element of any project, helping to define the soul of a space, integrate areas and, most importantly, a rug brings the same feeling of wellbeing we have at home to common areas, supporting the new life of work.

Nanimarquina Collection for Coalesse includes six designs woven with various techniques aiming to bring a greater sense of warmth and soul to the workplace. Each pattern is sourced from nature and is inspired by the natural geometry of weaving techniques, creating modern yet subtly familiar designs with multiple style variations and color options for expanded choice.

This partnership recognizes the quality of nanimarquina rugs for contract spaces and more than 30 years working with the A&D community – while contributing good, contemporary designs that enhance the personality of the spaces.

You can find more information on the Coalesse website.