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Our bespoke rugs by Metahaven seen at Stedelijk Amsterdam & ICA London Museums

At nanimarquina we enjoy working in the creation of customized rugs. When it comes to bespoke projects, it is always interesting to hear the ideas of others and help them materialize their specifications and turn them into a specific and unique carpet. This was the case of the Eurasia (Questions on Happiness) project, which we developed last year together with Metahaven. The two carpets we made  could be seen during the period October 2018 – February 2019 at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam and ICA London Museum.


foto Eurasia Metaheaven Stedelijk Museum Photo Peter Tijhuis

Eurasia exhibit by Metaheaven at Stedelijk Museum. Photo credits: Peter Tijhuis


Metahaven is a research and design studio founded by Vinca Kruk and Daniel van der Velden based in Amsterdam. Metahaven’s work reflects political and social issues in collaboratively produced graphic design objects and media.

Vinca, Daniel and Kees de Klain came to us with a very interesting idea for two custom very large rugs (420 x 725 cm and 590 x 725 cm) that would be part of their museum exhibit Eurasia at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and the ICA London Museum. Eurasia is a holistic multifaceted exhibition that integrates various graphic design applications in one setting. It sets forth on a journey towards the Eurasian steppe where it meets the New Silk Road by assembling cinematic sequences shot in the Southeastern Urals and in Macedonia.

Metahaven wanted to translate the world of graphic design into a relief pattern product that could be touched and allowed the spectator to be an active participant. They needed to make two completely different carpets, one for each museum, that would be based on the same concept but have distinctive designs and colors. The carpets would be a key part of the exhibitions as they would stand out due to its large size, relief patterns, color mix and elevated position within the room.

The challenge we faced was that Metahaven wanted us to recreate a very complex design while respecting details and changes in shape, color and finishing (carving effect and different pile heights).

Our solution was to choose a hand-tufting technique because it allowed for greater sharpness and definition of the drawing.

The result and visual effect is spectacular!




Member of nanimarquina’s design department, Clara Navarro, worked hand in hand with Vinca, Daniel and Kees in the design process.


eurasia metahaven foto 5

Clara Navarro, Vinca Kruk and Kees de Klain


“Working on the Eurasia project was challenging, due to the complexity of the requirements but the good thing about bespoke projects is that they are always unique and require you to think creatively.” –  Clara Navarro.

Both carpets were handmade in India with 100% New Zealand Wool. Once inside their respective museums, they were both placed in custom iron platforms so that they could be elevated from the floor. During the exhibits visitors were invited to sit on the elevated carpets while they watched audiovisual materials on a big screen.


eurasia metahaven foto 3


eurasia metahaven foto 6 eurasia metahaven foto 2 eurasia metahaven foto 1


Material: 100% New Zealand Wool

Technique: Hand Tufted, carving finishing

Density: 56.000 knots/m2

Pile heights: 7 – 15 – 25 mm