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Our pieces at the Design Museum of Barcelona

The last 14th of December, the Museu del Disseny de Barcelona was opened.
It is the Catalan capital’s centre devoted to the arts of the object and design. The common denominator of all the contained collections from the past and the present is the object and all that it signifies or has signified and contributed to our lives: from conception, creation and production to use in different epochs and societies.

From de World to the Museum. Product Design, Cultural Heritage:
A monograph itinerary for the best product design in recent decades created or produced in Catalonia.

In almost everything we do throughout the day, we use one or more objects. These objects, which have a host of different designs and purposes, accompany us throughout our lives and show us how just as the world changes, so do objects.
Each of the pieces on display is considered a representative sample of the design of its time, of the different material and technical contributions proposed by their designers, as well as of their sociocultural resonance.

Among them, it’s a pleasure to find our rugs Bicicleta (design by Ariadna Miquel and Nani Marquina) and Flying carpet (design by Ana Mir & Emili Padrós for nanimarquina). And, of course, you will also find the Rafel’s Marquina oilcans.