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Rabari at Stockholm Furniture & Light fair

The London-based design studio Doshi Levien, founded by Nipa Doshi and Joanthan Levien, has been the guest of honour in Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2020 where they designed the installation for the entrance hall.

‘We wanted to display a transition from creative process to finished design. The exterior was like a studio prototype or theatre set with exposed wood structure. The interior of the building was a smooth seamless connection of thin plywood shaped into cavernous interconnected arch ways’ said Levien.

The exhibition contained resolved designs placed adjacent to finished products, such as Rabari rugs that were hanging in the wall. Drawings were displayed on the walls too, revealing initial thoughts put onto paper. An atmosphere created like a temple of relaxation, inspired by the monumental awe inducing churches of Palermo, Sicily.

Photographer @ Jonas Lindstrom