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Wallpaper* AfghanMade

Wallpaper* teaming up with AfghanMade Carpets, now part of Turquoise Mountain, for the second time to showcase a new collection of handmade rugs from Afghanistan commissioned by Wallpaper* editors.
The exhibition took place during Salone and featured contemporary pieces from eight rug companies challenging local craftsmen to reproduce lines, shapes and concepts completely new to them.
About nanimarquina’s Hat rug
“The inspiration was literally on my head!” says Nani about her design. “The straw hat I’d been wearing all summer represented the simplicity we were looking for.” From above, the hat is seen as unequal concentric circles, a mixture of braided textures in straw and black tones. The world of basketry sparked an interest in Nani, representing the values of tradition and craftsmanship similar to those found in rug-weaving.