Our company

Guided by a passion for design and thanks to a long history in private and public projects, nanimarquina has become an international reference in contemporary rugs and interior design.

We understand the rug as the soul of a space. The textures, colours, and shapes of nanimarquina seek to improve people's well-being.

1960, The family heritage

Design has always been present in a special way in the Marquina family home. Rafael Marquina, Nani's father and creator of the famous Marquina oil cruet with which he garnered the 1st FAD Award in 1961, was among the design pioneers in Spain. This made a deep impression on Nani, determined from a young age to follow in the footsteps of her father and strengthen the family gift: to create.

1987, Nanimarquina is born

Nani Marquina founded her namesake company in 1987 in Barcelona. More than 30 years later, the company, now managed by the second generation, continues to offer rugs to a world interested in creativity, quality, and innovation. Our partners in this visionary challenge are the best designers in the sector and the most enthusiastic artisans.

1994, First trip to Panipat, India

Nanimarquina decided to take a chance, moving production to India and discovered the unlimited skills of the artisans and the cultural value of the rug in that country. With a deep respect for tradition and the environment, we make our rugs with ancient techniques by weavers in India, Pakistan, and Nepal.

“I wanted to design visually surprising rugs for people to enjoy.”

Nani Marquina
Facts & Figures

1 team: Barcelona, Faisalabad, New Delhi, New York.

More than 400 sales points around the world

500 rug models to choose and endless customised possibilities for private and contract projects.

Around 100.000 households have a nanimarquina rug

2002 Second generation

nanimarquina is a family owned company. Maria Piera Marquina joined the company in 2001 and boosted its international growth. Nowadays she is the CEO.
Also joined Carlota Marquina, Nani's sister who became Art Director.

2005, Reduce, reuse, and recycle

Sustainability has been a constant in our trajectory and, while others start now, we continue to work every day to generate a positive impact on our environment. We design long-lasting rugs that do not encourage the throwaway culture, products that can be recycled at the end of their lifecycle.

An example of our commitment was the launch of Bicicleta in 2005, in which we gave a second life to a disposable element such as bicycle tire tubes.
We have also been pioneers in the use of Ecosheen and Jutex in the cleansing of our collections a biodegradable and free of chemicals washing product.

2008, Social commitment

The Kala project was launched as part of our collaboration with the Care & Fair association, to which since 2000 we annually grant part of our volume of purchases to ensure that the families of weavers in India and Pakistan have access to education.

Created from original drawings by students at Care & Fair schools, the Kala collection allocates 150€ from each rug that is sold to the Amita school funding in Bhadohi, India, run by the same organization.

2012, Giant patchwork in the heart of Barcelona

To celebrate the company’s 25-year milestone, a giant rug installation was designed to bring our product to the city that had seen us grow. See video

2014, A global company

With more than 400 points of sale worldwide and over 80,000 homes with our product, the nanimarquina team grew with new headquarters in New York.

Following in the steps of the Barcelona flagship store, the showroom in New York has become a meeting place for those passionate about design.

2017, International celebration of the 30th anniversary

Together with friends and professionals we celebrated that nanimarquina has become a renowned company within the Interior Design sector. We held various events and collaborations in NYC, Barcelona, Milan and Frankfurt.

The result: handmade pieces that reveal stories in every detail.

Our future is marked by the continuous effort in the global improvement of our impact on the world. We’re implicated and serious about our social and environmental responsibility, which we try to improve on a daily basis.

We also continue to focus on our contract solutions because we know that each project is unique and we want to help you achieve it.

Company Awards

ICFF Editors Awards

Best company on Carpet and Flooring

SMEs Award

Aster Business Career

Continuarà Awards

Spanish public television. “25 years nanimarquina”

DMD Award

Design Management Europe
SMEs category

“Barcelona the best shop in the world” Award

Best business initiative category

National Prize for Culture

Design category

IWEC Award

International Women Entrepreneurial Challenge

Furniture Design Award Singapore

Merit Award

Príncipe Felipe Award to Business Excellence

2006 - 2007
SMEs Design and Business Competitiveness

Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona

Design Management Award

Spanish Design National Award

Ministerio de Industria, Turismo y Comercio

ICFF Editors Awards

Best company on Carpet and Flooring

IDQ Award

Best product