Casa Esrawe

Private residence of the industrial designer Carlos Esrawe and his partner Age Salajöe, located in Mexico DF and in which the connection between interior and exterior prevails as a single entity.

Date: 2019

Made by:

Location: Mexico

Esrawe Studio has been commissioned to carry out the architecture and interior design of the private residence of its founder, Carlos Esrawe.

A home designed to be lived in, and formed through various volumes among which there is a common denominator: the connection between interior and exterior as a single space.

The conception of the design has been a living process of dialogue that links the inhabitants with their surroundings. It is about feeling the evolution of the design that emanates from the understanding of the physical and emotional needs at a given moment and in each context.

Focusing on small details and quality, the house has sophisticated pieces designed by the studio itself, as well as various models of nanimarquina rugs to add warmth to the home.

Photography © Nin Solis

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