Convent de la Missió Hotel

The hotel is a heaven of calm and discretion. It retains the atmosphere of the buildings’ history through the original stonework and impressive architecture.

Date: 2016

Made by:

Toni Esteva

Location: Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Convent de la Missió is a renovated convent-cum-monastery where missionaries stopped by for a year of training and enlightenment before heading off around the world to spread the word.
The hotel counts with a wide, airy white lobby and vaulted Art Bar – once the monastery’s refectory. The amazing hallway covered with artwork such as the poem by Jaume Galmés transcribed in huge wooden letters on an entire wall by local artist Guillem Nadal or the large patchwork of rugs to create a great visual impact, are particularly eye-catching.

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