Diechman Library

Named after Carl Deichman, whose book collection started the library in 1785, Deichman Bjørvika is located on Oslo's waterfront alongside the opera house.

Date: 2020

Made by:

Location: Oslo, Norway

Designed by Atelier Oslo and Lundhagem, the five-storey building contains space for 450,000 books wrapped around a large, top-lit atrium that connects the floors and breaks them into smaller spaces.
Scenario design studio sign the huge but intimate central library which includes a cinema, a sound room, exhibitions, scenographic rooms, meeting rooms and reading spaces. It is particularly in this last area where the custom-made Shade rugs are found, defining the common areas and brightening up the spaces thanks to their rich chromatic palette. The Shade poufs complement the rugs perfectly, offering a comfortable and relaxed place to enjoy a good book.

Photography © Ole Walter

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