Jade Dolman for Woodside Energy offices

nanimarquina produces a huge organic bespoke rug and accompanies Australian indigenous artist Jade Dolman throughout the design process.

Date: 2018

Made by:

[Jade Dolman]

Location: Perth, Australia

The new headquarters of Woodside Energy- the oil and gas production operator in Australia- commissioned Western Australian indigenous artist Jade Dolman to create an artwork to be translated as a beautiful floor covering for the first floor lobby. In collaboration with Mobilia, nanimarquina assisted throughout the design and manufacturing process to make the best decisions at every stage.
The challenge of this project was numerous. First, it was necessary to achieve the perfect gradient by translating the colors of the original work, identifying 47 shades. At the same time, the large format of the 10 x16 m carpet made it necessary to produce it in 6 different sections that were later joined together. Finally, the organic design of the rug made us choose the hand tufting technique, which allowed us to emboss the interior lines while remaining faithful to the original work.
This commission has proved to be one of Western Australia’s most challenging and important rug projects.

Photography by Shannon McGrath