The Gates Hotel

The Gates Hotel in Barcelona is an elegant, modern house with futuristic ambience, created by the architect Juli Capella.

Date: 2018

Made by:

Juli Capella

Location: Barcelona, Spain

The aim with the renovation of Gates Hotel was to draw up a completely integrated design programme, in which everything would exude a certain atmosphere. To turn a guest’s stay in a hotel into a pleasant experience, something distinct.

The lobby has been designed under the 'Local, Authentic and Unconventional' label. Inspired by the link with the city and the praise of it, its been filled with pieces of art and design furniture from Barcelona's own brands, as well as allusions to the history of the city and its urban layouts.

The lobby space intended for living is specially designed to allow and encourage small informal meetings and has carefully selected furniture, with distant reminiscences also modernist in stools and chairs to ensure that the user feels comfortable. They complete the space, upholstered with bright colors and Nani Marquina rugs to unify them.

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