Ceras. The pursuit of balance

The Ceras collection, designed by Nani Marquina, is the result of a comprehensive study of color through the manual process of tracing with crayons.

An intuitive and instinctive process, a quest for balance using three colors and something as simple as drawing stripes in repetition. It is a basic code aimed at perception, a glance at the present of the popular culture, and of everyday life.

I am always looking for balance in whatever I am designing: the balance of color, of materials, of the objects around me. Balance is what gives me a sense of well-being and calm, and in balance I find beauty.

– Nani Marquina  

Four rug sizes available in four color combinations that harmonize spaces and boost our quality of life. Handmade designs using the hand-loomed kilim technique. This is a high-density rug, durable and hard wearing, yet very light.

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