Begüm Cana Özgür

"At the loom, I developed a weaving technique that gradually shifted the predominance from one color to another. The emotional feeling produced by this fading effect resembled the scenes in which atmospheric haze attenuates colors in nature."

—  Begum Cana Özgür.

The Haze collection, the second one designed by Begüm Cana Özgür, inspired by the harmony of colors drawn from nature at the moment when the haze appears. In this unique coevality, the colors speak to each other, generating a visual balance resulting from visual sensitivity; they interact, while becoming hard to control.

Unlike other creative processes, Haze is a rug devised directly on the loom, as the designer experimented with chromatic interactions and color fading by means of mixing colors optically. 

In this collection, a very simple graphic intention is pursued with the aim of highlighting color in all its splendor. The design has been worked on from two perspectives: on the one hand, the colors themselves and their interactions; and on the other hand, the design of the texture, that is, the superficial graphic lines that follow the warp. The challenge was to strike the right balance between graphic design, number of warps and thickness of weft.

Haze is woven using 50% New Zealand wool and 50% Italian wool, a noble and warm material that is easy to look after and hard wearing. As Begum Cana Özgür points out, "This fiber restores in us that connection with earth and nature that we often miss so much in modern buildings.”

This collection is the culmination of a reflection on the meaning of contrast in colors (tone, value, temperature and saturation), in which the simplicity of the graphic design aspect gives way to the power of color.

Designed by

Begüm Cana Özgür

The Turkish designer integrates design, art and craftsmanship. She plays with common materials and existing techniques to understand their potential to develop a new contemporary expression.