Hotel Freigeist Goettingen

Hotel based on the city's legacy as a place for academics, philosophers and radical freethinkers.

Date: 2018

Made by: Georg Rosentreter

Location: Göttingen, Germany

Category: Hotel, Custom catalogue

Hotel Freigeist Göttingen is a hive of creativity and inclusion. Conceived by hotelier Georg Rosentreter, the 118-room property is rooted in the city’s legacy as a place for academics, philosophers, and radical freethinkers.

Rooms and suites are sleek and Nordic in sensibilities, ranging from 24 to 61 square meters, and all feature oak floors, standing lamps by Santa&Cole, cool slate-gray wallpaper, and elements of natural wood.

Public spaces foster the communal spirit with clustered seating areas of oversized armchairs and blue velvet sofas. Colored Moroccan cement stone tiles feature prominently in these areas, as does the use of blue glass. Custom-designed carpets by Nani Marquina are the hallmarks of the ‘‘Wohnzimmer’’ event space and also in the suites

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