The rugs complement the furniture, create textures and colors and isolate noise. A rug is a great solution to define rooms, improve air quality or even reduce static electricity. But beyond its functional solutions, a rug is a accessory that adds warmth to any space.

1 - Customized solutions

We can transform your own design into a rug or simply start from an idea or a briefing. Take advantage of the more than 30 years of experience and the extensive knowledge of our team to complete your vision.

2 - Adaptation of catalog products

We offer a customization service that allows you to adapt any rug in the catalog to the needs of the project, combining colours, fibers and techniques. You have more than 70 collections to choose from.

3 - New formula contract collection

We present a new collection of sustainable, smooth and highly functional rugs designed especially for projects. With more than 250 combinations, choose between 5 models and 30 colors the solution for interior or exterior that best fits your space. Configure your own Formula.

Additional services

All our products comply with international certificates, we also offer treatments that improve the durability of the rugs, ad hoc installation solutions and complete logistics management at a global level.

The treatments we apply to our rugs do not produce toxic gases. Nor do they affect the intrinsic properties of the fibers that will maintain their qualities.

Anti-stain and Anti-UV

Treatment that offers maximum protection for your carpet.
Thanks to its water-repellent and oil-repellent nature, it repels the penetration of liquids into the carpet, preventing water-based or oil-based stains on all types of fibers and facilitating the cleaning of solid stains. In addition, it inhibits the formation of fungi and molds and protects against discoloration caused by UV rays.

Antibacterial and Anti-virus

Treatment with great antimicrobial, antibacterial and antivirus power (including Covid-19) tested under international ASTM standards

E-2149-01 and ISO 18184:2019 that creates safer and healthier spaces.

flame retardant

Reduces flammability and delays the spread of fire. Especially recommended for vegetable fibers and recycled PET; obtaining good performance according to international regulations UNE-EN 13501-1: 2019.


In order to extend the life cycle of our products, we offer the client a series of nanotechnological treatments that will improve the properties of the rugs in the face of the most common problems in the contract field.

installation solutions

We know that each project is unique, which is why we offer you an extensive catalog of ad-hoc installation solutions.

extra backing

extra layer of cotton bonded with latex that is incorporated into the base of the rug. This solution prevents the corners from lifting, offers more thickness and structure to the rugs, extending their useful life. Recommended for thin rugs such as dhurries or kilims.

Non-slip bases

An easy-to-install solution that reduces the risk of the carpet shifting or bending. They improve comfort and sound insulation. Especially recommended for dhurries or kilims, they can be easily cut to any shape.

Extra weighted corners

We added some extra weighted PVC wedges to improve the stability of the mats. They add thickness to the carpet. Recommended for lighter weight rugs such as kilims and dhurries.

cutouts and borders

We can adapt the rugs to any space requirement or to adapt it to wiring, columns, fireplaces, wall to wall or irregular areas.


To favor traffic and the passage of wheelchairs, we can apply different types of edging depending on the type of carpet. The binding makes it easy to clean the mat.


We can add fringes to rugs that require it, except rugs made using the Hand Tufted or Hand Woven technique. The fringes will be defined based on the fiber and technique used in the rug.


The choice of a rug can define the soul of a space.

Our design and production teams are made up of professionals with years of experience. We also have manufacturers specialized in the production of rugs and with the capacity to produce unlimited sizes. We work on all projects paying special attention to the finishes, with strict quality control processes and with the essential know-how to obtain optimal results.

At nanimarquina we have the necessary experience to provide the necessary warmth in each project.

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