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      Due to the unevenness of hand-spun Afghan wool yarn, dye absorption and color may vary slightly on the same rug.

      In the case of the hammock, to ensure correct installation, you must follow the assembly instructions and use the complete installation kit (both included). The maximum recommended weight is 100 kg.

      In the case of the tapestry, due to the handmade nature of the product. Each tapestry is a unique piece. Does not include wall fixing kit.


      Heritage craft preservation

      Local and vegetal fibers

      Use of recycled materials

      Ensure sustainable practices

      We support local communities

      Indoor air quality proven


      Oblique collection

      The Oblique collection, designed by Matthew Hilton, is based on the elegance of simplicity with sober graphics and colors that bring us closer to the earth.

      For the design of this collection, the British creator Matthew Hilton captures the most contemporary conceptualization of the tradition of overlaying rugs. This proposal is achieved through the juxtaposition of oblique figures in different positions, resulting in a geometrical finesse to add monochromatic volumes to its surroundings.

      See the Oblique collection