Care & Fair names Maria Piera Marquina as a member of its board

After more than 20 years working alongside Care & Fair, the association names Maria Piera Marquina, general manager, as a new member of the association's board of directors. This appointment reinforces our ongoing commitment to work together in the fight against child labour and to support local community projects that improve the living conditions of artisans.

From the very beginning of nanimarquina, it was clear that we should aim to improve the living conditions of the artisan community we work with.

In this context, we started to collaborate with Care & Fair, the global association of the European Carpet Trade against child labour, founded by socially committed rug merchants. Its aim is to fight against child labour, which is particularly prevalent in carpet-producing countries such as India and Pakistan.

Since being members, we financially support the association’s initiatives focusing on abolishing illegal child labour thanks to the creation of nine schools near the weavers’ residential areas and improving the living conditions of families by building a medical dispensary in the area that treats 60,000 patients a year.

"Being part of the board of this association represents an invaluable opportunity to contribute to positive change in these countries and specifically in the areas where we work. In addition, I’m proud of the positive emotional return we receive from being an active part of this cause. This experience allows us to witness first-hand the progress that is being made and motivates us to continue our commitment to this important humanitarian work."

Maria Piera Marquina

2005 - Nanimarquina wins National Culture Award in Spain and donates the entire prize to Care & Fair

The proceeds benefit the Amita School in Bhadohi

It was unfunded at the time and is located very close to our main production

2009 - Birth of the Kala collection as a long-term project

To provide funding to the school.

2011 - We went a step further and fully funded the Amita Vidyalaya school

While continuing to contribute to the Kala project

2024 - Care & Fair names Maria Piera Marquina as a member of its board

La escuela Amita de Bhadohi

The Amita School is located between seven different towns with a total population of about 18,000 people. In just a few years, they progressed from offering “open-air classes’’ to building a school that accommodates 330 students.

The school has six members of staff and 13 teachers, and hosts pupils at all five primary levels for 234 school days per year.

We continued to promote the Amita School throughout our Kala rug collection.

La colección Kala

Kala means “tomorrow” and “art” in Hindi and lends its name to a collection that unites Indian culture, nanimarquina’s main producer, and design through the eyes of children, the future. Created from original drawings by the students of the Care & Fair charity schools in India, the Kala collection donates 150 € of each rug sold to the Amita school in Bhadohi, directed by the same organization.

Nowadays, they also have a women’s empowerment division that provides programs to help women acquire basic skills in reading, writing, mathematics, and hygiene. They give them the opportunity to learn, sew and embroider, skills that allow them to make and sell clothes, thus contributing to their own livelihood.

We are committed to implementing concrete actions that contribute to the well-being and progress of the artisan community, as well as to the eradication of labor. This commitment reflects our firm intention to generate a positive and sustainable impact in the communities with which we collaborate.