Size and Fitting Guide

Looking for the best rug size for your space? A well-proportioned rug will unify separate elements and pull the room together.

Rugs can also be used to create balance in a less symmetrical space and to zone open plan areas.

Before choosing your rug, consider the following:

  • Positioning

    The first step is always to measure the floor space where the carpet will be placed, as well as the furniture that will coexist in the chosen area, to make sure you choose the best option.
  • Comfort

    Our rugs are perfectto walk on, so for having the full experience and to maximize comfort, make sure there is a generous amount of rug between its edges and the objects around it. For example, along the edges of the bed.
  • Design

    Plain rugs tend to be more traditional in style and might go unnoticed within the space. On the other hand, contemporary patterned rugs can make a room look more spacious and add personality.

Our recommendations

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Ceras 1 by Nani Marquina

Living room

As a general rule, large and small rest areas benefit greatly from adding a rug, which helps to define the different spaces and bring comfort to the entire room. A rug will additionally offer acoustic insulation. 

We recommend choosing large rugs to accompany furniture. A rug that does not extend to at least the lenght of the main sofa may seem overly small.

  • 170x240 cm

    170x240 cm

    In a small living room, this rug will fit under a coffee table, or in front of a fireplace with two comfortable chairs sitting almost entirely on the rug.

  • 200x300 cm

    200x300 cm

    In the case of having a room with more space, we recommend measures such as 200x300 cm or 250x350 cm to place part of the objects inside the rug, this will help to give a more unified appearance between them.

  • 300x400 cm

    300x400 cm

    In the case of having a larger room, the rug should be large enough to accommodate most of the furniture, accessories, and decoration elements. This will help to visually order the room.

  • Round


    Smaller round or irregular rugs are a great solution for creating a more intimate reading nook.

Tones 1 Kilim by Clàudia Valsells

Dinning room

In dining rooms, a rug under the table is a great solution to improve the acoustics of the space, as well as providing comfort and personality.

The size of the rug should be proportional to the size of the table and ideally sligthly larger so that the back legs of the chairs do not protrude from the rug once seated. 

Did you know that a seated person occupies approximately 75 cm? Therefore, the rug should be approximately 1 m larger than the table on each side.

  • 170x240cm


    For dining rooms with limited space, we recommend standard size rugs that can be placed with the chairs in front of them on top of the rug.

  • 200x300cm


    For tables with 6 chairs and if space allows it, we recommend measures of 200x300 cm or 250x350 cm so that all the chairs are integrated into the rug.

  • 300x400cm


    For large tables, we recommend larger or custom-sized rugs, so that all chairs fit inside the rug and can move comfortably without getting caught in the rug.

  • Circular


    Smaller circular or irregular designs often work well under round tables.

Telares Carmine by Nani Marquina


A rug is a great companion in bedrooms, where maximum comfort is usually sought. It can be placed at the foot of the bed taking advantage of the warmth it offers upon entering and leaving the room; smaller sizes can be placed on both sides of the bed or the rug can even be used as a decorative element. 

  • 170x240 cm

    170x240 cm

    An alternative in a bedroom is to place a rug perpendicular to the end of the bed. This makes it possible to create a passage space at the bottom or a feeling of spaciousness.

  • 200x300 cm

    200x300 cm

    For larger bedrooms, measures such as 200x300 cm or 250x350 cm can occupy the entire bed, leaving enough space to comfortably get out of it and enjoy the comfort of a rug under your feet.

  • 300x400 cm

    300x400 cm

    For larger beds or spacious bedrooms, 300x400 cm rugs will be able to occupy a large part of the space and objects, which will help to increase the warmth of the entire space.

  • 80x140 cm

    80x140 cm

    Placing runner rugs on each side is also an alternative. If you opt for this option, we recommend choosing runners that reach at least to the end of the bed.

  • Twin beds

    Twin beds

    For two single beds, we recommend placing an 80x140 cm runner rug between them. In the event that the beds are longer, we recommend using a larger size runner.

  • 80x240 cm

    80x240 cm

    Another alternative is to place a larger corridor at the end of the bed. It will invite you to walk around the room. This alternative can be used for both double and single rooms if space allows.

Tiles 1 by Nani Marquina


Long, narrow rugs, commonly labelled runners, work very well in kitchens. One example would be to separate food preparation and eating areas. A rug can also be placed to indicate a transition to another room. 

In areas where more food or water may fall, we recommend placing rugs that are made with PET fiber. This fiber is more resistant. It supports water and humidity.

  • L shaped kitchen

    L shaped kitchen

    A small kitchen can seem messy. An 80x140 cm or 80x160 cm runner rug will help to delimit and make it look more complete.

    Depending on its distribution, choose to put it in front of the sink.

  • Double-sided kitchens

    Double-sided kitchens

    Placing an 80x240 cm runner rug that runs through the entire space throughout the kitchen will help to give a feeling of spaciousness.

  • Large kitchens

    Large kitchens

    In the case of American kitchens, we recommend placing a runner rug on each side. If the distance between the two areas is large enough, a rectangular rug could also be placed.

  • U-shaped kitchen

    U-shaped kitchen

    For this kitchen, it is best to place a rectangular rug that occupies the entire space. If the kitchen is narrower, we recommend placing the runner rug along the sink.

Tiles 1 by Nani Marquina


Although less frequent, a rug can complete bathroom areas very well. Providing comfort in certain areas, separating the water area from the rest or indicating the entrance to a new room.

  • 80x140 cm

    80x140 cm

    For small sinks, we recommend placing an 80x140 cm or 80x160 cm corridor in front of the sink to delimit the different areas of the bathroom.

  • 80x240 cm

    80x240 cm

    In the case of having larger sinks, an 80x240 cm corridor rug along the sink area that reaches from end to end will make the space look more unified.

Tres Outdoor Texture Black by Nani Marquina and Elisa Padrón


Outdoor rugs are perfect for terraces and outdoor areas where we want to achieve the same feeling of comfort as in indoor spaces. These rugs will help to define specific areas and add personality, while being resistant and easy to maintain. 

  • 170x240 cm

    170x240 cm

    For terraces or balconies with more limited space, a standard size rug or the use of a runner will complete the space.

  • 200x300 cm

    200x300 cm

    In the case of having an outdoor dining area, the rug should also be proportional to the size of the table.

  • 300x400 cm

    300x400 cm

    For spacious areas with sofas and armchairs, choose a large rug size to place the furniture inside it.

Tres Outdoor Black by Nani Marquina and Elisa Padrón

Swimming pool

An outdoor rug can also be a great companion for pool areas where we want to add color and personality.

We recommend complementing it with our outdoor puffs.

  • 170x240 cm

    170x240 cm

    An alternative is to place the rug next to the sleeping area. To unify the rest of the objects with the carpet, place them on top of it.

  • 200x300 cm

    200x300 cm

    In the case of choosing a larger rug, you can play with the position of the rest of the elements.

  • 300x400 cm

    300x400 cm

    For more spacious patios and terraces, opting for a large enough rug will be the best option to frame the furniture that you want to highlight.

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