Misui flagship

An Art Noveau building converted into a boutique for MISUI of Swiss Union, a jewelry brand that emphasizes the excellence of craftsmanship, design and the value of materials as a form of expression of contemporary luxury.

Date: 2016

Made by: Diego Ramos Studio

Location: Barcelona, ​​Spain

Category: Shops, Custom catalog

The design of the space perfectly combines exclusivity and comfort, creating a multifunctional space, a boutique with exhibition, meeting and private sales areas.

Another great success of the project was the respect for the architectural heritage: the original installations and marquetry have been preserved, as well as the original parquet floors dating back to the beginning of the 20th century.

A very detailed project to show the jewels of the brands.

The Diego Ramos studio opted for a natural rug next to the lecterns at the entrance. And an iconic Kilim Losanges in the presidential room.

Photography © Jose Hevia

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