David Zwirner office

From a historic two-floor warehouse to an office space where functionality meets minimalism

Date: 2023

Made by: Selldorf Architects

Location: New York, United States of America

Category: Offices, Formula Contract

Selldorf Architects has designed David Zwirner's new 36,000-square-foot New York office, responding to the needs of a post-pandemic professional reality.

The agency has proposed an inviting and comfortable workspace where people will want to spend time in the office on a regular basis. This includes offering informal areas for socializing, as well as private and collaborative workspaces.

The space appears serene and fluid, with clean surfaces, transparency, and neutral tones. The designer wanted to create a palette of neutral tones overall, but with strong points of warm colour and natural material.

At the workstations and plush seating, the white and grey tones create a generally calm backdrop for the varied activities of the workday. In this space, the agency has opted for our Formula Contract service to provide textured support that brings warmth to complete the spaces.

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