Casa Ter

Casa Ter from the Mesura architecture studio, arises from a real cataloging process of the cultural and natural environment it inhabits. The house aims to create a personal sense of place, in close contact with all the elements that surround it.

Date: 2020

Made by: Measurement

Location: Baix Empordà, Catalonia, Spain

Category: Residential, Custom Catalog

Casa Ter is located in the Baix Empordà, an area that functions as a crossroads between three natural landscapes: sea, mountains and countryside. In order to make this context tangible for its users, the house is made up of two volumes that create three different spaces, each of which branches out into one of the surrounding landscapes, affecting as little of the natural environment as possible.

Following the local construction traditions of the region, the walls of Casa Ter are made of KM0 materials, using a mixture of concrete and stones from the river Ter with ceramics, a material with a long cultural tradition in neighboring La Bisbal, where the material constitutes a of the main economic activities.

The interior decoration has also been considered with natural materials and autochthonous firms such as ceramics by Valeria Vasi, Nanimarquina rugs and lamps by Santa & Cole.

Photography © Salva Lopez

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