Jaime Hayon

The funniest rug with a sense of humor. A party on your feet.

Fun, dreamlike and with a sense of humor, similar to a party: this is the new Jaime Hayon collection.

A rug that speaks of friends, children, free spirit and spontaneity. Animals of different types and sizes float in space, oblivious to boredom. A unique gang available in two sizes in a balanced and harmonious color palette that enhances any space.

Troupe is a hand-woven rug, which allows Jaime Hayon's work to be translated literally, and is the closest thing to creating from a blank canvas. It is a contemporary piece that, however, preserves and gives life to an ancient cultural legacy, in addition to having the unique stamp of the artisans who make it.

Diseñado por

Jaime Hayon

Jaime puede presumir de una de las carreras más brillantes de la historia reciente del diseño contemporáneo. Se forjó como diseñador con Fabrica hasta que en 2004 decidió desarrollarse por su cuenta.