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Flora Bloom 3 Rug

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Flora Bloom 3 is the latest piece inspired by the delicate lifecycle of flowers envisioned by the artist Santi Moix. This rug captures the essence of nature's beauty. A testament to the cyclical nature of existence, where endings pave the way for new beginnings.

It features a design that conveys a soft serenity, delicately merging shades of pink and beige to evoke a sense of tranquility and elegance. This irregular shape rug is perfect to create a captivating focal point, sparking conversation and stirring the imagination.

Crafted with artisanal precision, this rug is meticulously woven through the hand-tufted technique to faithfully convey the artist’s vision.

  • Fibers

    New wool


100% New wool

New Wool is more resistant than other types of wool. It has great durability and softness, plus it is insulating and absorbs moisture. Fiber with low environmental impact, since it is produced in the same place where the rugs are made. Characteristic crude base color.


Hand tufted

Manual process in which, thanks to a manually operated gun, fluid curves and lines can be made. High density and durability.

Cleaning and care


Vacuum frequently.

Clean stains with the appropriate solution before they dry.

Take the rug to specialized dry cleaners, if necessary.

Cleaning and care


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Flora collection

Flora was born from Nani Marquina's admiration for the work of the artist Santi Moix. Works full of colour and delicacy.

The collection includes works in which the artist explores the parallelism between life and death through his biomorphic flowers. His use of colour goes beyond the merely decorative, it is the resource with which he enhances and attenuates certain details, paying special attention to the in-betweens; those intermediate processes in flowers, such as the moments before their birth, their explosion of colour or their decadence.

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Designed by

Santi Moix

Multifaceted creator and observer, in love with the Indian painting of the XV century. He has worked in sculpture, drawing and engraving since NY, although it is in painting where he finds his place of reflection.

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